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WARNING: Femmeslash, swearing, and homophobia abounds. Read right-to-left.

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I swear, I will get the Characters page done at some point in the future. But man, both writing and comic-ing on a regular schedule is hard! xD At this point, I'm just trying to keep the comic going. Other stuff - like the character page and, obviously, the extras page - will be up-and-running properly sooner or later, though. Really. x3

In the meantime, as the title states... -flops-

Appearances may be Deceiving

So, since I just signed up on SmackJeeves, as could be expected, I'm still playing around with things. Like the appearance of this webcomic-manga-thing. I'm still playing around with colors and things, so don't be alarmed if the appearance is suddenly different because, as I said, I'm trying to make everything all pretty and whatnot. :3

...Wish me luck with THAT. -has no idea what she's doing- xD

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